VeloShine wipes are the premier cleaning product for eco-conscious cyclists who recognize the importance of maintaining a clean bike in an environmentally friendly way.

VeloShine is the only multifunctional wipe of its kind; specifically designed for cyclists to use on and off of the bike! VeloShine wipes provide a convenient, safe, and effective method for cleaning all of your cycling needs; from high-end bikes, wheels, tires, helmets & shoes!  VeloShine is the perfect product for any cyclist. VeloShine wipes are eco-friendly & 100% biodegradable.

VeloShine was also developed from the outset to be a hypoallergenic product.  Why hypoallergenic?  Naturally, for cyclists to use VeloShine to wipe off their face, arms, and legs after every ride/race!  To freshen up before they are able to hit the showers. Cycling clubs and teams love VeloShine precisely because of its multiple uses.