Veloshine Is

100 % Biodegradable

  • Veloshine bike wipes helps you reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Veloshine bike wipes help you save on natural resources: no need for water!


Veloshine bike wipes are extra-large 8” x 11” enough to clean your whole bike. Durable, strong, and thick 100 GSM.


The VeloShine formula is hypoallergenic so you can also use the wipes to clean your hands, face, and body. Ideal after a bike rider during a race.

Case of 24 VeloShine Packs

case of veloshine bike wipes


The case contains 24 individual VeloShine bike wipes packages. Each package contains 18 extra large and durable Veloshine bike wipes.   Wholesale pricing is available.  Please contact us directly for  further details.

VeloShine Single Pack (18 wipes)

Veloshine Bike Wipes Single Pack


Each individual package contains 18 extra large and durable Veloshine bike wipes.


  • Thoughtful packaging and terrific product. Big enough to take on large areas. Very well made and the pack stays closed to keep the remaining wipes wet for months. Worth the price. – J. Bryson.

    Worth the Price!

  • I’ve been using the VeloShine Bike Wipes for two years now on my carbon, aluminum, and steel frame bikes. I’ve never had a problem using them. I recommend them to you as long as you don’t mind the expense. They are easier for me to use and keep my bikes looking clean and new. – Lak.

    Easier to Use!

  • Wipes are large and heavy duty so I usually only need one to do the job. I like the resealable pop-up packaging, too. I keep a package in my car and one in my workbench drawer. Biodegradable and contain no harsh abrasives or chemicals that might damage my high-end frame. Best for quick clean-ups to remove dirt and grime from the frame and wheels but, as the manufacturer states, they don’t remove grease so I don’t use them on components. Use Simple Green for those jobs. – SLADE

    Only One to Do the Job! SLADE

  • It’s about time someone came up with a product that we can use to clean our bikes and feel good about with regards to the environment. I just received my first order and was pleasantly surprised at how much I could clean with just one wipe! I cleaned ALL of my road bike including the components with just one wipe (you may need 2 if you have a lot of grime, but one should do per ride) . That’s only about 50 cents to use a safe and effective wipe to clean one of your more prized possessions! It does a great job cleaning dirt, oil, and just about anything you’d normally get on your bike. Thanks Veloshine! – Hawkster


    It’s about time!

  • I have tried several products to keep my three road bikes clean after a ride. VeloShine wipes are the best I have ever used. They are absorbent and big enough that most of the time you only need to use one. I use Veloshine wipes after every ride to keep my bikes looking brand new. I have a 34 year old Trek that looks as good as the day I purchased it because I wipe it down with VeloShine. I haven’t seen a better product in 40 years of riding. Works great on steel and carbon. – Steve

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